Itastone on the Radio

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Itastone Quartz worktops.

Do you have a question about Itastone Quartz ? The best place to find an answer is in our FAQs section below.

What is Itastone Quartz ?

Itastone Quartz is a unique stone that could only come from a combination of the best that nature has to offer and the most advanced technology for kitchen worktop design. Itastone Quartz has a sophisticated appearance; it has the feel and weight of natural stone but with a striking modern quality. Composing of 93% inorganic components (essentially quartz). Itastone Quartz can be used in the creation of the most beautiful kitchen worktops, its colour consistency being better than any other natural stone.

Does Itastone stain?

Certain properties of Quartz mean that this style of worktop is less likely to show stains and damages due to its low porosity. Granite and Marble worktop options have a greater porosity than Quartz and are more likely to absorb stains and damages into their micro pores.

Does Itastone need to be sealed?

No ! Itastone Quartz worktops do not need to be sealed, this process is done during the manufacturing process of quartz.

Can I cut directly on my Itastone Quartz ?

We do not recommend direct cutting onto your Itastone surface, always use a chopping board. With Quartz being such a hard material, it is very resistant to scratches, measuring 7 on the Mohs scale. There is only Diamond, Corundum and Topaz that measure harder.

Will hot pans damage my worktop ?

Itastone Quartz has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof. We recommend the use of pan stands, chopping boards or trivets for added protection for your kitchen worktop.

How do I clean my Itastone worktops ?

A mild detergent or hot soapy water is the only maintenance usually required. For more stubborn marks or spillages try Cif kitchen cream. Always read the label on cleaning products to check for suitability with materials.

Can oven cleaner damage my worktops ?

In one word YES. Oven cleaner and products with such strength and acidic values will cause permanent damage to any Quartz worktops.

If i chip my Quartz, can it be repaired ?

Quartz worktops are resistant to cracks and chips and rarely need to be repaired. However, occasional chips do occur and can be fixed with a specialists resin repair kit. Most repairs are invisible to the eye once professionally corrected.

is Itastone Quartz Hygenic ?

How does 99.9 percent bacteria free sound? That’s another bonus of Itastone Quartz being non-porous.

Is Itastone covered by a guarantee ?

Itastone Quartz comes with a 15-year guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind when choosing this product.